Friday, February 22, 2008
I got the skin of a shark and I'm gonna make a muscle:
If yesterday's ABC No Rio nostalgia was the mania, the post-office workout was the crash. Yglesias I think already posted something about this when he joined, but it says something about the Way of All Flesh when I'm mouthing Screeching Weasel lyrics on an elliptical at a too-expensive gym. (Also a politically connected one. I've seen Gayle Smith and Jamal Simmons there, and rumor has it Andrew Sullivan's husband is an employee.) Yeah, consultant, you're goddamn right you hear Requiem's "Secession" coming out of my iPod buds, because I'm fucking bad ass. Now point me to the baby wipes, because I am done with this machine.

Thinking about it in the locker room, I was all, as Derya said in comments in the last post, le sigh. Then a dude came in wearing a ratty old Anti-Flag t-shirt. I said nothing.

(This really happened. I know it sounds like Leon telling Lloyd Grove that he broke his Kosher-edge at a Patti Smith show at CB's in 1976 -- in other words, bullshit -- but, unlike Leon, I could not make something like that up.)
--Spencer Ackerman
From the Mint site- "..sitting at our favorite neighborhood café on 18th St., what started as a casual discussion led us to a vision."

You mean all that time bullshitting with friends- we could be having visions instead?
Blogger Ron | 6:47 AM

You see my point now.
Blogger spencerackerman | 7:28 AM