Wednesday, February 20, 2008
it burns inside of me:
Rich Byrne has been promising for months now to give me a burned copy of Spitboy's excellent, impossible-to-find True Self Revealed LP, which I unfortunately lost in the 1999 unemployed-and-need-to-pay-rent record purge, otherwise known as the Vinyl Nakhba. (Luckily I recovered the Crudos/Spitboy split LP on Ebullition, a total classic.) He hasn't delivered, and he always has excuses. But I just found this Spitboy song on YouTube, complete with DIY video.

And what the hell? Adrienne Droogas joined Aus-Rotten? How did I not know that? I still have my PR blue hoodie -- I'm saving it for my grandchildren -- and it still has the red Spitboy backpatch I silkscreened when I was 17.

Update: Five minutes of YouTubing around, and oh snap. Adrienne brought Aus-Rotten to the next level.
--Spencer Ackerman