Thursday, February 21, 2008
distancing, moving farther away:
Abu Muqawama isn't a fan of the New York Sun, so obviously he's an America-hating antisemite. Funny how many of those there are in the Army! He does, however, make an exception for the Sun's arts coverage and its national-security correspondent, my homie Eli Lake. I'll take his word for it on the arts coverage and big-up the Zionist Scientist myself.

Yes, there is more to the Sun than being a self-parodic neocon-fanzine version of Der Stuermer. For instance, though Abu Mooq is a college football and soccer fan, he -- and the rest of us -- should take note of the nation's best baseball writer is the Sun's Tim Marchman. That's right: best. For instance, read Tim's Yankee spring-training-intro column:
The Yankees' three prodigies are in good hands. The team has proved it will not overwork them, manager Joe Girardi has had a hand in developing some excellent young staffs during his career, and even Steinbrenner has stressed patience and care in dealing with the inevitable ups and downs that come with young pitching. Still, as the fate of Generation K goes, it's best not to count on too much from three prospects who haven't, between them, pitched 150 major league innings in their careers.

The problem for the Yankees is that they are counting on them. Chien-Ming Wang, Pettitte, and Mike Mussina cannot pitch this team into the playoffs alone. It's a courageous move, one fans should support, but the team truly is staking October on the kids.
In his spare time, Marchman even hunts down MP3 versions of Spitboy's True Self Revealed record. You can't front on "Isolation Burns," which I think might also be the new name for Andy Pettitte's late-career splitter. See Tim for the full story all throughout the pre-season, the season, the post-season and forever after.
--Spencer Ackerman