Monday, December 04, 2006
Silence kills the revolution:
From Kevin, it's Newsweek:
A four-star general who declined to be identified discussing a confidential conversation told of this encounter with Gen. Peter Chiarelli, who was in charge of day-to-day ground operations. "Do you have enough forces? Enough to clear an area and stay there to secure it 24/7?" Chiarelli replied, "Of course not." The four-star recalls replying, "It's going to fail, it's absolutely going to fail."
General Four-Star: if this is true, you are a coward. If you believe Iraq is "absolutely" going to fail, you have an obligation to your men to speak out against their use in a futile and bloody fantasy. Is your career worth their lives? Is my friend J. supposed to die for your cowardice? Do you not have a problem with that?

If this isn't true, shame on Newsweek and my apologies to General Four-Star. But please, general, don't ever make this post come true if it hasn't already.
--Spencer Ackerman