Saturday, December 02, 2006
Patrick Lynch is a asshole:
In response to Sean Bell's shooting by the NYPD, Brooklyn's own Papoose, a protege of the mighty Kay Slay, has released "50 Shots." Don't miss the brilliant -- and shockingly subtle -- takedown of J-Pod:
John Podhoretz from the New York Post/ wanna know why Bloomberg & Al Sharpton still close/ I read his article/ questioning/ why was Bloomberg surrounded by/ African-Americans/ I guess the loss of a life wasn't major/ he called Sharpton a race-baiting cop hater/ [volley of gunshots, presumably aimed at Podhoretz and the NYPD]
--Spencer Ackerman
4 cops. 2 White. 1 Hispanic. 1 Black. I think there is a lot of misinformation going on here. Sure, this incident is outrageous. I just wouldn't jump to the conclusion of implicit racial bias, and certainly not explicit racism. Also, (I know, they are just commenters but...) some of the comments on this site are extremely violent. For example:

"just listened.

Fuck the police.

Kay Slay is so right.
Bang at them cops if ya shit registered. Fuck 'em. They cowards.

I hate em.

Hate a strong word. And I know what I'm saying."

That called to shoot at all police, another says life would be better if people killed every policman. I know a commenter has no real weight in this worthy debate, but still, I think it might reflect on one radical element in the black community.
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