Sunday, December 03, 2006
The bitch in yoo:
What the fuck is Common Sense doing selling clothes for the Gap? I'm watching the Redskins-Falcons game and all of a sudden Common comes out rapping some bullshit for Connecticut's favorite clothier. What does the Okayplayer community make of this?

Apparently a fair contingent is in favor of it:



"Nuff respect to the projects, I'm ghost One Love"-Nas

--Spencer Ackerman
I loved the GAP ad that Spike Jonze did (you can find it on youtube) but sadly it got next to 0 hours of actual airtime. I've heard that GAP is in financial trouble so it really surprised me that they would have a rapper (is this not the antithesis of their core buyers?) try to sell their winter line. Whoever made the decision to run this ad but not the Jonze ad should be fired.
Blogger DevinCarpenter | 3:19 PM

I think Devin kind of misses the point of this post, although perhaps he is attempting to add his own commentary and not necessarily comment on what Spencer wrote.

In any event, I'm surprised that Okayplayers are down. It reminds me of when KRS-1 did those Nike ads a while back. It's certainly hard to get the flavor of hypocrisy outta my mouth after viewing that.
Blogger Eric the Political Hack | 3:46 PM

Com's dad needs the money:
Blogger Nordy | 4:15 PM

OK, if his father is sick, that changes a lot. But seeing LL doing a Gap ad ("I know you like your outfit stylish/ any other brand but the Gap is childish") was bad enough...
Blogger spencerackerman | 4:30 PM

I was just saying that I thought it was stupid on both their parts (Common's and GAP's) but know that someone has pointed out that his Dad needed the money, maybe it is a win-win situation.
Blogger DevinCarpenter | 4:43 PM

Reminds me of one of my favorite jigga lines:

Truth told, if skills sold, I'd pro'ly be/
lyrically, Talib Kweli
but I did 5 mil, like common sense
I ain't been rappin' like common since
Blogger Bill Smith | 5:01 PM

I wouldn't be mad even if his dad didn't need the money. A guy like Common (in my opinion) isn't getting paid commensurate with his artistic abilities. So any way he can get paid, I'm fine with it.

On a related note, is anyone mad at of Montreal for lending one of their songs for an Outback commercial? Or the song they gave for a Nasdaq commercial?

What about Tapes 'N Tapes lending a song for a Nissan commercial?

Again, it doesn't bother me.
Blogger Nordy | 6:43 PM