Sunday, December 03, 2006
The cheese stands alone:
Well, in all probability, so much for my little theory. Big up to commenter Pooh for telling me the scenario was too similar to what happened with Wallace.

Highlights of The Wire 49:

1. Yglesias finishing his rendition of "The Farmer In The Dell" right at the very moment when Omar remarks, "The Cheese stands alone."

2. Omar again: "Embrace diversity, Butch."

3. Cheese: "That shit was unseemly!"

4. The cameo by outgoing Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich, who, after running a campaign based largely on demonizing Baltimore, shows he has a kick-ass sense of humor. On the other hand, by the logic of The Wire, Ehrich is portrayed extremely favorably: the unnamed Maryland GOP governor, understanding that he'll be challenged for election by the ambitious Baltimore mayor, keeps Carcetti waiting outside of his office while fielding a never-ending "conference call"; and then sticks it to Carcetti by giving him the money he wants for the schools laced with the poison of taking control over the Baltimore school system. Sure, the plan is bare-knuckled. DeLonda Brice would love it.
--Spencer Ackerman
"The Cheese stands alone" might be the best set up and delivered line in the history of the show (and by extension, the history of television.) Right up there with "If I was constibulatin' like y'all..."
Blogger Pooh | 4:07 PM

Separately, do any of you folks know who sings the opening theme to this season's version of "Down in the whole"?
Blogger Andrew | 6:45 PM

Andrew, not sure if you're still checking this, but this season's theme was sung by a bunch of B-more's own middle school students.
Blogger Hayduke | 2:55 PM

Oh, interesting. I think their version is better than Waits, Blind Boys of Alabama, et al.
Blogger Andrew | 7:35 AM