Sunday, December 03, 2006
I just want to see his face:
I didn't know what to make of the Rumsfeld memo on Iraq until I read Daniel McKivergan 's post. Here McKivergan spits hot fire:
If Rumsfeld didn’t agree with the “clear, hold and build” strategy, fine. He should have stepped aside and handed over the keys to the Pentagon to someone who supported the new strategy. ...

For years, Rumsfeld pursued his own agenda in Iraq. He denied things were getting worse. He ignored calls for more troops and dismissed those critical of his conduct of the war. Rumsfeld now suggests that the US “go minimalist” in Iraq. Unfortunately for the president, his defense secretary has followed a “minimalist” approach in Iraq since March 2003. And here we are.

If only the czar knew! For six years, Bush had no idea that his Defense Secretary was an agent of internal subversion! Bush certainly has never denied things were getting worse! McKivergan for SecDef!
--Spencer Ackerman