Friday, February 08, 2008
they're pounding nails in louisiana, they're pounding nails:
"Louisiana" by the Loved Ones might be the best Katrina song ever written. (The possible exception is "Hey Katrina" by Lifetime, but they wrote that one like nine years before the Hurricane.) I really can't stop listening to it.

And while you listen to it, read this arresting, haunting, perfect Tom Lee post about his trip to rebuild a church in the Lower Ninth War. Ezra once observed to me that the best writer of all our friends isn't even a goddamn journalist. Tommy, you're embarrassing us!
--Spencer Ackerman
If we're talking Katrina songs, there needs to be mention of "Georgia Bush" by Lil Wayne with accompanying youtubage.
Blogger themarkpike | 10:48 AM

I like "Get Ya Hustle On" by Juvenile and especially the apocalyptic video.
Blogger Cal Ulmann | 12:33 PM

no love for the Black Lips song?
Blogger Marc Hogan | 12:56 PM