Friday, February 08, 2008
we're much too young of men to carry such heavy heads:
What a great feeling it is to see your friends play an amazing show. The Gaslight Anthem simply killed it last night at the Black Cat. Memories of a thousand Manville Elks Lodge weekends poured out of their guitars. And good between-song banter from their pretty-boy singer!

Gaslight were supporting the Loved Ones, who I hadn't seen before. I wanted to hang out with some out-of-town friends, so I only caught the last third of their set, but it was extremely strong. When did Fat start signing good bands? God, first Against Me! (honestly, I love New Wave.) and now them. I ended up buying the brand-new Loved Ones CD -- rarely do I buy a single non-alcoholic thing at shows, but I was drunk and the bands were on tour -- and all morning I've listened to their song "Louisiana." Great stuff.

Here's some live Loved Ones material I found on YouTube. It actually starts off sounding like that song "What I Like About You" from the beer commercials, but it gets good.
--Spencer Ackerman
hard to imagine two more generic bands than gaslight anthem and loved ones. really.
check out the much more interesting no-wave british band 'the loved ones'
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