Thursday, February 07, 2008
strike up the band, play a song that everybody knows:
Tonight at the Black Cat: My old friend Benny's new band The Gaslight Anthem, who are blowing up. Great, great New Jersey punk rock -- in fact, central Jersey punk rock, as befits Benny's reputation as Benny Manville, who put on shows for the kids at the Manville Elks Lodge. You'll want to say you liked them before they sold out, got famous and sucked. If you're in the DC area tonight, come on down. I'll be the one up front in the Blackwater t-shirt.

Also, you get bonus points if during "Drive" (this song right above the text here) you know what they're referring to when they sing "It's been Try.Fail.Try for years!"

--Spencer Ackerman
It's better in Python;

do stuff
something else
Blogger Alex | 9:43 AM

Nope, try again.
Blogger spencerackerman | 11:22 AM