Wednesday, February 06, 2008
i can tell that we are gonna be friends:
It's true. Wreck is friends with a jellybean. My guess is that it's a Mike & Ike, since we don't keep jellybeans in the Flophouse, and it seems that Sara brings a stash of Mike & Ikes over when she comes by. But Wreck doesn't care about its origins. He cares that they bro down, hang out in some sunbeams, take naps, share bawdy stories, clown around and do other stuff that dogs and jellybeans do.

Meanwhile, Kingsley comes home on Friday after his month-plus trip to visit Sue and Jes in Baltimore! I've missed that adorable scamp something fierce. Kingsley Amis, my dog's namesake, once observed that it's half a life without a woman. It's at least three-quarters of a life without a scrappy hound.
--Spencer Ackerman