Friday, February 08, 2008
every day that i don't eat a gun, i won, i won:
It's been an extraordinarily bad day. All of it is my fault. So many unforced errors, badly expressed thoughts, inability to keep my stupid mouth shut. I want this to be over.

But dude. There's a GODDAMN METAFILTER POST ABOUT THE WASHINGTON INDEPENDENT. And it says something very nice about me in particular.
Their independence cannot be verified as they have yet to file their first financial disclosure form. I was drawn to the Washington Independent because it is new home of Spencer Ackerman, a close observer of national security policy, but all the stories I have read there seem to be high content and skeptical of authority.
Thank you, Shot Hot Bot. I really needed that today.
--Spencer Ackerman
D00d, there's also a mefi post about lego Eddie Izzard.
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