Sunday, January 06, 2008
like my man mohammed from afghanistan, grew up in iran:
There's a comic named Capone on Def Comedy Jam as I type. The guy comes out doing a routine about how black people always fucked with the 7-Eleven manager: "They were all nice and shit, like 'Oh yes, good to see you, goody-goody,' but we were like, 'Make me a slurpee, habib!" Only after 9/11, "They got all thugged out, like, 'Yeah, you no fuck with me -- ticky-ticky boom!' They even wear they turbans tilted to the side!" People. Let's get our stereotypes straight, please. I suppose there's some wiggle room here, for Pakistanis, but Capone -- much like Rep. John Cooksey -- is clearly conflating Arabs, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. Almost six and a half years after 9/11! That's some shameful shit.
--Spencer Ackerman