Friday, January 04, 2008
Cause I like you OK:

Ron Radosh, writing in a right-wing fanzine, gets points for unintentionally faint praise:

Mr. Goldberg has, unlike the leftists who yell the term [fascism], made the strongest possible case that Americans today living in a soft form of fascism, a statist liberal society whose citizens are unaware of the roots of ideas they hold. [My emphasis]

Radosh, who I understand was once on the left, also shows in the review that he doesn't understand the irreducible difference between liberalism and socialism.

--Spencer Ackerman
Radosh is a sad case. His book PROPHETS ON THE RIGHT (1975), written while Radosh was still on the left, is a very interesting look at mid-twentieth-century conservative isolationists seen (mostly implicitly) through the lens of a left critique of Cold War liberalism and Vietnam.

He took a hard turn to the right in the early 1980s--at the time of his examination of the Rosenberg case and an unhappy trip to Nicaragua--and has since largely been a kind of poorman's David Horowitz. Not only has he become a neocon, but he devotes more time to ranting against the left than producing careful works of history.
Blogger Ben | 1:54 PM

Poor Ron Radosh. He went off the deep end after the left treated him badly, especially after he offended the red diaper babies with his work on the Rosenbergs.

He probably still considers himself some kind of democratic socialist though.
Blogger The Special | 3:31 PM

Isn't it about time to just play "The Eternal" on what Mr. Cranky would have called "this shameless, manipulative piece of universal cosmic dung" and just go home?

Surely, there are things out there to read which will make you less likely to drive a railroad spike through your own left ear?

Please, for the love of God, think of the children who might stumble unawares upon this blog and find themselves reading, even second-hand, bits of Goldberg's cultural flotsam!

"Procession moves on, the shouting is over."
Blogger Son of LOL | 10:47 PM