Friday, January 04, 2008
I get money, money I got:

Elana reports that at this very moment, she's in a car with Omar. She forgot that there's rules to this here game and didn't bring a camera. This post will have to serve as documentation.

Update: So this is what happened. Elana, Keisha -- here's them with Bill Clinton -- and a friend of theirs I don't know were at the release party for The Wire soundtrack somewhere in Manhattan. Cast members arrived and abruptly left. Unfamiliar-friend asked a car-commandeering stranger if the three ladies could get a ride to an afterparty where some cast members would be. The stranger agreed. His car turned out to be the vehicle of choice for Omar and Bodie. All involved went to "some shitty club in the Meatpacking district" where Elana quickly filed the basis for this dispatch. Before losing contact, she reported that the club started to play Soulja Boy and so she needed to see if Bodie and Omar would be Cranking Dat. More TK.

Late Update: First reports and all that. Bodie was at the club, but not in the car. The club where the afterparty was turns out to be better-than-average for the Meatpacking district, Elana the sophisticated clubgoer judges. Omar expressed his disappointment that no Wire cast members are featured on the soundtrack, since several of them are talented rappers, "as he went on to very ably demonstrate in the car," she reports. Unfortunately, the world outside the club may never know if Omar and Bodie Cranked Dat, since Elana wasn't able to find them during the song.

--Spencer Ackerman