Saturday, January 05, 2008
when they kick at your front door, how you gonna come:
Yeah, this is really funny, particularly the part about suspension of habeas corpus. I didn't imagine that when Robert Kaplan used "Indian Country" as a metaphor for the savage periphery that demands American pacification -- a charming image on a variety of levels -- some would take him literally. Perhaps it's only appropriate, since President Bush embraced the Iraq-as-Vietnam analogy, that this time around it's the right that wants to bring the war home. 
--Spencer Ackerman
"red Indian"? Good Lord and butter! Who is this guy? Disraeli? Yes, clearly only "liberals" would be offended at using an entire people who were systematically victimized by the US Army as a metaphor for terrorists who are currently launching terrorist attacks against the US Army. I can't think of a single other group of people who might be the least bit offended by that...
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