Wednesday, December 13, 2006
sunrise! surprise! civilized man, you were keeper to me, but now your animal is free:
Matsuzaka is en route to Boston. That means whatever hope I had of the deal falling apart has evaporated. The Times reported for the last two days that Scott Boras might be trying to sabotage the arrangement in the hope that he could quickly renegotiate an even more absurdly lucrative deal for the Heavenly Child of the High School Baseball Classic. If that were true, only one team could possibly afford him; and it would also mean that the Sox had hugely messed up their postseason acquisitions. But oh well. Barring some massive breakdown, Matsuzaka will pitch for the Red Sox.

One last thing. I've noticed that Boras is trying to market Matsuzaka as "D-Mat." Please. The natural nickname for him is "Dice."
--Spencer Ackerman
Yeah, I let myself get lost in that dream for a minute as well.

This makes the re-acquisition of Andy all the more important.
Blogger Eric Martin | 10:41 AM

The PTI guys, and some other people on ESPN, have been calling him Dice-K. I think that's fairly close to how his first name is actually pronounced in Japanese; or, at least, as close as us Yankees (in the non-baseball sense) can come to saying it correctly.
Blogger Haggai | 12:05 PM

See, that's your problem Haggai. Always a Yankee in the non-baseball sense.
Blogger Eric Martin | 12:22 PM

Any attempts to convert me to the Dark Side of Yankee fandom will have to involve much more force than that. Potentially lethal amounts of it, in fact. And no, I don't have a twin sister who could possibly be turned either.
Blogger Haggai | 12:43 PM

Give in to your emotions Haggai, feel Steinbrenner's millions making you stronger...
Blogger Eric Martin | 3:31 PM

Fight Haggai! Do Not Go Into the Light!

In other topics, how did I miss the obviousness of "Dice"?
Blogger Pooh | 2:14 PM