Tuesday, December 12, 2006
slow death, immense decay, showers that cleanse you of your life:
Let's say you're an antisemite. Why would you deny the Holocaust? Wouldn't you consider it the most awesome thing that ever happened?
--Spencer Ackerman
Some oddly contradictory anti-semitic tropes that I've seen in a few Arab or Iranian articles include:

(a) Sharon/Olmert/Peres = Hitler (Nazis bad)

(b) The Holocaust didn't happen (Nazis got a bum rap)

(c) It's too bad the Holocaust didn't finish off all the Jews before Israel came into being (Nazis didn't go far enough)
Blogger Haggai | 1:04 PM

I think this would be the logic behind it, sort of:

(a) The holocaust wasn't so bad (no worse than other atrocities e.g. the Armenian genocide or the Trail of Tears).


(b) Western countries should stop supporting Israel (they only do it out of guilt).

(c) Israel can't use the holocaust to justify a homeland for the Jews (basically Herzl's original justification: the only place where Jews can really be safe from persecution is a Jewish nation), because all the Indians got was some casinos.
Blogger jasper emmering | 3:12 PM

because all the Indians got was some casinos.

Which, in retrospect, seems to have worked rather well for those who made it this far...
Blogger Pooh | 1:47 AM

And Kevin MacDonald, a certified anti-Semite with tenure at a state college in California, who testified on behalf of David Irving, thinks so. He considers the Holocaust to be a justified reaction against Jewish cultural aggression. Irving, on the other hand, thinks it never happened. But what's a little spat between friends.
Blogger Diana | 8:22 PM