Tuesday, December 12, 2006
slow death, immense decay, showers that cleanse you of your life:
Let's say you're an antisemite. Why would you deny the Holocaust? Wouldn't you consider it the most awesome thing that ever happened?
--Spencer Ackerman
Some oddly contradictory anti-semitic tropes that I've seen in a few Arab or Iranian articles include:

(a) Sharon/Olmert/Peres = Hitler (Nazis bad)

(b) The Holocaust didn't happen (Nazis got a bum rap)

(c) It's too bad the Holocaust didn't finish off all the Jews before Israel came into being (Nazis didn't go far enough)
Blogger Haggai | 1:04 PM

because all the Indians got was some casinos.

Which, in retrospect, seems to have worked rather well for those who made it this far...
Blogger Pooh | 1:47 AM

And Kevin MacDonald, a certified anti-Semite with tenure at a state college in California, who testified on behalf of David Irving, thinks so. He considers the Holocaust to be a justified reaction against Jewish cultural aggression. Irving, on the other hand, thinks it never happened. But what's a little spat between friends.
Blogger Diana | 8:22 PM