Thursday, March 13, 2008
touch, see and behold the wisdom of the party programme:
So this is a public service announcement without guitars. This blog is about to undergo a major overhaul. Next month, THFTNR will officially close its doors -- not like this summer, when I gave in to a depressive episode and shut it down after deciding that I was too stupid and inarticulate to blog -- dismantle the shop and reopen it across town. I'll be joining the Center For American Progress's excellent and soon-to-be-relaunched ThinkProgress constellation of blogs.

This means a couple of things, but among them is a new name. Too Hot For TNR is something I wrestled with after The Firing, since it defines me forever in opposition to a magazine I'd really like to forget I ever worked for. The difficulties inherent in changing URLs kept me from finally making the break, though, and so here's where the blog has remained. But no longer. THFTNR is fucking dead and that's what the answering machine said. I don't have the new URL yet, but my new blog will be called -- wait for it -- really, really wait -- you might want to get a sandwich or something --

Ok, get ready: ATTACKERMAN. Fits my personality.

Two things won't change. First is my affiliation with the innovative journalistic enterprise known as The Washington Independent. I'm a complainer. I complain about everything. And I actually like it here. I'm free to explore what I want and write how I see things, instead of trying to figure out how to outsmart or circumvent the editors of Pravda. Attackerman will be a supplement for my Indy work. All my reporting will remain at the Indy.

The other thing that won't change is the tone, focus, lyric headlines and gratuitous profanity that you've come to expect from me. (In truth, I'll probably have to figure out, MPAA-style, just how much profanity is acceptable at a respectable enterprise like CAP.) But what you see here is what you'll continue to get, just better. And without any primary-election stuff.

Finally, a note of thanks to everyone who reads this blog. I never expected that a half-assed joke I came up with to comment on a Ross Douthat post would prove to be the final straw for my magazine career. And I certainly never expected that after I got fired, a group of readers would continue to support me throughout months of unemployment (um, "freelancing") or that Brad DeLong would raise money for me or that a soon-to-report-to-Basic-Training codewriter would design a parody template for the blog or any of it. I owe you everything and hope to continue to merit your trust and attention.
--Spencer Ackerman
Attackerman is nice, but for the longest time I really thought the name was SpenceCRACKERMAN. Now that would be sweet.
Blogger Unknown | 10:57 AM

Congratulations, Spencer.
Blogger Thomas | 11:53 AM

Yeah congrats and good luck over in your new home Spencer.
Blogger Andrew_Ferris | 12:59 PM

Finally a lyric I recognize!
Blogger RJM | 1:41 PM

And of course, you Refused to tell us who it is, too, richard!
Blogger Kevin | 2:19 PM

Go spencer! The Times piece didn't sabatage this after all!

ps - attackerman sounds like some kind of derranged political blogger superhero. I'm expecting you in red tights and a cape or something.
Blogger Erica | 3:09 PM