Tuesday, February 19, 2008
that's gangsta, you know me, i talk it cuz i live it:
I have nothing to say about this Idolator post but pass it along because of the 50 Cent picture, since I'm not going to link to the Vibe cover it's from. The reason? Notice 50's beard. Thick along the cheeks and jaw, very very light, barely-more-than-stubble mustache. That's the way I'm going these days. It works for a few reasons.

First, mustaches really are distasteful. But having a beard without a mustache is way too basement-hardcore (or TAP editor). So better to hint at the mustache than get rid of it. Second, approaching your beard like this is, in effect, a protest of the appalling hipster mustache trend. Finally, and most importantly -- as more than one friend of mine has told me, usually with disgust -- you look more like a terrorist this way.
--Spencer Ackerman