Tuesday, January 08, 2008
when all logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead:
The genius of Fred Hiatt is on full display this morning. As it turns out, Hiatt is riffing off this never-before-published Washington Post editorial from mid-1967 that I found on the Metro:
At Wednesday's Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, antiwar Senators were confronted with a question: can they concede that recent military operations in Vietnam have worked? All of them vehemently opposed Operation Attleboro -- both Attleboro I and Attleboro II -- last year, despite its apparent success. Then they opposed Operation Cedar Falls, which has pacified the Iron Triangle. A reasonable response to these facts might involve an acknowledgment of the remarkable military progress, coupled with a reminder that the final goal of the operations set out by President Johnson -- the bolstering of Saigon's control over South Vietnam -- has not been reached. What Mr. Fulbright, Mr. Morse, Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Gore instead offered was an exclusive focus on the Vietnamese political failures -- coupled with a blizzard of assertions about the war that were at best unfounded and in several cases simply false.
--Spencer Ackerman
Stay tuned for Bill Kristol pounding this theme like his own personal drum now that the Grey Lady has given him a megaphone.

Pretty amazing what 2-3 months of reduced violence can do for this war...you can really see how reluctant the press is to report good news.
Blogger Marcus | 1:40 PM

Whoops, mixed metaphors.
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