Monday, January 28, 2008
i ain't spent one rap dollar in two years, holler:
How innovative is TWI? Over at our awesome group-blog, the Streak, I'm trying something I always thought would be good for journalism: publishing the criticism I get from my sources about my work.

Basically, if you're reading my stuff, what assurances do you have that I'm quoting someone correctly? Like, if I didn't know how totally legit the ex-senior CIA official was who gave me all these quotes for my piece about how bad interrogations are, I'd think, "Ackerman got this shit? No way. I just dunno about that. Maybe he's quoting the dude out of context. Those quotes are just too holy-shit." Well, now you can see for yourself what the ex-official thought of the piece. Here's the first installment of Sources Holler Back. Transparency: embrace it!
--Spencer Ackerman
Holler back! Spencer, this is David Rosen from PS 114. Im still friends with Daniel Fried (we're roommates.) If your the same Spencer, that makes us the 3 who got to read in the third grade when we were in second.

Love your writing.
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Lets talk sometime, contact info on site. I might have some story for you if you want to do domestic issues.

Go Obama!!!
Blogger David | 1:29 PM

Whoa, David Rosen... Good to hear from you. Say hi to Fried for me. Where are you guys living?
Blogger spencerackerman | 2:53 PM