Saturday, January 26, 2008
i'm knocking on your window:
Bob Novak, whom I admirably refrained from murdering at a Christmas party, reports (I use the word loosely) that Obama's dudes are whispering about making John Edwards Obama's attorney general. If so, a question: does Edwards still think that we need to take domestic intelligence gathering away from the FBI and create an American MI-5? He ran on that in 2003-4, but that was before he got washed in the blood of the liberal lamb or whatever. This looks like a job for The Washington Independent's national-security correspondent!
--Spencer Ackerman
Hey Spencer,

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Blogger shweta | 2:25 AM

"admirably" ?!?
Blogger Brian | 10:29 AM

Shweta, I've got to suggest that you sharpen your questions and allow for the incorporation of multiple answers to your survey.
Blogger spencerackerman | 5:43 PM