Wednesday, January 02, 2008
That chubby cop on the other line who loves it when you're kissing:

What Matt said about my boy Eli's piece on Rudy's electoral 'mongering strategy. But as eager as I am to see which Commentary piece on the perfidy of the Arabs forms the basis of a Giuliani War of Ideas, my eyes are drawn to this proposal instead:

On Homeland Security, Mr. Giuliani is going to emphasize the importance of turning "first responders," firemen, police officers and other local officials called on to respond to crisis, into "first preventers." Mr. Hill said this would mean encouraging local police departments to have a closer relationship with the Department of Homeland Security than just a national data base of terror alerts. "Law enforcement and homeland security should be talking to each other more, they should be interwired," Mr. Hill said.

Oh, cool, a federally-coordinated emphasis on pre-crime. Conservatives are going to love that in the hands of a Democratic president. Anyway, what you need to remember is that liberals are the real American fascists.

--Spencer Ackerman