Wednesday, January 02, 2008
wages of sin, we keep paying:

Apropos of Barney Rubin's insight, here's something worth noting from the Afgh-Pak border, via Josh:

[T]he Pakistani military has removed a small number of troops from a border post between the two nations to tend to problems elsewhere, said Col. Martin Schweitzer, a U.S. commander in eastern Afghanistan.

There's not any analytic consensus yet about who murdered Bhutto -- let alone provable fact -- but the Pakistani redeployment strengthens the idea that it was al-Qaeda or an affiliate, attempting to enact a strategy I speculated about last week. There's massive unrest in Pakistan, yielding the predictable military crackdown. The military is more concerned with regime preservation (or, euphemistically, "internal stability") than it is with harassing al-Qaeda's buddies. Now those buddies have an easier time exfiltrating to Afghanistan, with the predictable consequences that will have for Afghanistan's stability.  Same hustle, but the hustle now flows, as they say.

Bonus Fun Fact: Ever wonder who puts AP stories under those super-awesome TPM banners? Why, that's the super-awesome Rachel Weiner!

--Spencer Ackerman
just wanted to say that i always enjoy the titles of your posts. more than i enjoy the springsteen album you're referencing...
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Gotta say I like that song more than I like Sloan's. (The Canadian band, I mean. Not any that you might have written.) Admittedly "The Good In Everyone" and "I Was Wrong" are very good. And thanks!
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