Wednesday, January 31, 2007
suppose i kept singing love songs just to break my own fall:
Catherine and Kriston had me pause the Top Chef finale while they walk home from Solly's. For the last thirteen minutes the TV has featured a freeze-frame of Ilan making the screwface. The anticipation is killing me. In order to pass the time -- and find out if anything happened in the MLB offseason while I wasn't paying attention -- I clicked over to Yanks Fan vs. Sox Fan, only to find that, for tonight, it's become Marcel Fan vs. Ilan Fan. Amazingly, and gratifyingly, contempt for Ilan has united what is typically a bitterly divided (yet respectful) community. Marcel Vigneron, I have your back tonight.

P.S.: Fuck Frank Bruni.

--Spencer Ackerman
I've been saying "fuck frank bruni" since long before he started writing about food related issues.
Blogger Atrios | 9:43 PM

my severe hatred for frank bruni has slowly developed into an appreciation. he's kind of an oddball when it comes to the style of his reviews, though he remains terribly predictable in his taste in food. that said, his article on top chef was silly, not to mention incorrect on some of the facts.
Blogger bdf | 8:28 AM

Frank Bruni wrote a supremely idiotic review of the restaurant where my sister's fiancé is the sous chef, so I agree, fuck him. (He also wrote an idiotic review of Pegu Club, and even the positive review he wrote of a restaurant where my sister used to work was still idiotic.)
Blogger Ben Wolfson | 11:13 PM

What did Mr. Bruni say to deserve to get fucked? I was a little surprised at his contention that TC is "all about the food", since this season has been so personal-drama-laden in comparison to last year's, but I kind of liked his assessment of the Marcel vs. Ilan dialectic, even if it is a little obtuse.
Blogger Chris | 12:03 PM

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