Friday, January 05, 2007
Run to the hills:
A reliable source informs me that Ryan Crocker, the newly-announced ambassador to Iraq, is "a huge Iron Maiden fan." Apparently Crocker is "generally into metal." Iraq may need more of a Burzum or Emperor fan than an Iron Maiden fan at this point, however.
--Spencer Ackerman
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Blogger sunny_zryu | 9:26 AM


Old School Iron Maiden isn't what they're after - we need a "Can I Play with Madness?" kind of guy, so this is a perfect fit.
Blogger Claude | 4:06 PM

I doubt another church-burner-cum-backstabber (in the literal sense) is what is needed for Iraq. Burzum grew up not far from me, though he spends his time in a high-security prison [by Norwegian standards] these days.

Used to call himself King of Hordaland (our county) did he too.
Blogger Kjevis | 1:02 AM