Thursday, January 11, 2007
I'm not the one you wanna stunt on, pa:
Rich Lowry asks:
(W)ouldn't the honorable thing be for the Democrats as a party basically to say, "This administration has made tragic mistake after tragic mistake in Iraq. We oppose this surge. We don't think it will work. But we really, really hope it does work. We will give it a year and anything we can do at the margins to help make it work, we will."
Let me get this straight: Liberals think that escalation is a disaster that will yield nothing but dead Americans, a debilitated military, an inflamed region -- possibly including military confrontation with Iran -- and will, at best, buy some more time for a clique of theocrats to exterminate their sectarian rivals. And we're supposed to go along with this for a year? In order to rescue the honor of our political enemies, who not only inflicted this war on the United States, but who insinuate that we're unpatriotic whenever we point out that they keep on fucking things up? I can see how this is the honorable thing to do.
--Spencer Ackerman
We've already given them three years and nine months.
Blogger goethean | 8:43 AM

Its a faith based approach, go with what you "hope" instead of what you "think". Very apropo.
Blogger troutsky | 9:39 AM

Blogger dewar macleod | 3:12 PM

It reads as wonderful satire against half-hearted resistance to "surge" : i.e. escalation. Intent I won't deal with.
Blogger opit | 12:11 AM