Thursday, January 11, 2007
jigsaws falling into place:
The warmongers monger for war. Harold points out that the escalation is an escalation eastward as well. The New York Sun wants to know if it's war with Iran, a war they want more -- much more -- than the actual war against al-Qaeda, the war we need to fight. If only there was an International Criminal Court for yellow journalists.
--Spencer Ackerman
Thank god Iran doesn't border any other countries where our military is bogged down and they can create serious instability...

Seriously, though, I sometimes swear that someone in the administration once heard the phrase "If you've got a problem, sometimes the path to a solution is to make it bigger", but replaced "sometimes" with "at all times, no matter how fucked up the logic nor how poor the planning". Then I remember that Cheney is the Veep, and all is clear.
Blogger jfaberuiuc | 8:00 AM

When will they start blaming the rocket attack on the US Embassy in Athens on the Iranians?
Blogger blowback | 10:05 AM