Wednesday, January 10, 2007
your pretty face is going to hell:
Alterman thinks the Stooges sucked. I read that statement over and over again, with the kind of stunned apoplexy that would grip the country if Bush tells the nation tonight that he is an agent of al-Qaeda. In short, I respect anyone who would so boldly issue the wrongest proclamation of all time, one that reveals to the world that his aesthetic judgment is worthless. Eric: I will give you all my Stooges records. You cannot possibly mean what you are saying.
--Spencer Ackerman
I'm aghast as well.
Blogger Swopa | 3:24 PM

You really think that's more wrong than Nick Hornby's review of Kid A?
Blogger jhupp | 4:05 PM


Some day, perhaps, we can do a clockwork orange on Alterman with all 28 takes of 'Loose'. Don't give away the LPs, though. They may not be perfect, but they're pretty good.

In re "Kid A", short answer: yes.
Blogger wcw | 4:13 PM

Disturbing, indeed. But then again, did you really expect anything else from Alterman?

Ever look through the record collections of "lefties of a certain age" (ie., older than me)? Metiocre world music and folk, dull rock, some decent Jazz, and Joni Mitchell. Other than that, maybe some Clash (Sandinista or Combat Rock), Billy Bragg, or maybe, if you're really really lucky, some Dead Kennedys.

And I'm stretching the word "lucky" here.
Blogger shingles | 10:42 PM

The Stooges were not funny.
Blogger The Special | 4:35 PM

Remember, he likes Yes.
Blogger Steve M. | 7:40 PM

aw, let it go. jeez, would you want to like the same music as him?

shingles is right. except I doubt Alterman appreciates the dead kennedys

other than the Allmans, I have no use for most of what Alterman likes -- except for the most obvious stuff that we all have to like if we wanna be cultured (y'know, the classic blues and jazz stuff)
Blogger dewar macleod | 3:16 PM