Sunday, January 07, 2007
i want a job, i want a job, i want a good job, i want a job, i want a job that pays:
Is anyone fooled by this? That 2007 is the year of Jobs for Iraqis? That the issue is as trivial as unemployment? That even if it was, that the jobs will be delivered? That the largest cesspit of corruption on the planet will distribute $1 billion to the people who need it? That five "additional" combat brigades -- relieved by troops denied their rights to either go home or stay home -- will "secure" Baghdad, whatever that means? That Baghdad will stay "secure"? That "security" will compel a lasting sectarian compromise?

--Spencer Ackerman
i'm guessing you've already thought this one out, but just to add, unemployment is something like 60% in iraq. (i may have pulled that totally out of my ass, but the number's high.) wouldn't they need to employ something like 10 million people to put a dent in the 'wandering angry young male' quotient?
Blogger Marc | 4:00 PM

Personally, I support the troop surge, but oppose the jobs programme. Allah helps those who help themselves, no?

(p.s. this is snark...)
Blogger dell | 8:25 PM