Friday, January 12, 2007
I shoulda stayed in Job Corps:
Non-committal Iraq expert Jason Zengerle is shucking intellectual oysters and unearthing pearls of wisdom:
On a substantive note, the Iraqi Citizen Job Corps they propose doesn't sound like a bad idea. But analogizing the current situation in Iraq to the one in New York City in the 1990s seems like a stretch, to put it mildly.
Daaaaamn! Jason Zengerle has carefully considered the situation in Iraq -- don't rush him, son! -- and has figured out that it doesn't seem like New York in the 1990s. Jay-Jay: send me your Social Security number, and from now on, I will donate five percent of revenue generated from every Iraq piece I write in return for this insight.
--Spencer Ackerman
Lieberman the "Apparatchik" [John Podhoretz]A four year-old named Isaac Chotiner, who posts on The New Republic's blog, has declared Joe Lieberman an "apparatchik" because Lieberman supports the 21,000 troop surge even though he said nice things about the initial 30,000 troop-surge proposal. Mr. Chotiner can be forgiven his inability to comprehend this, as he has only recently switched to pull-ups. But maybe one of the six year-olds over there could enlighten him as to the meaning of the word "apparatchik" and why Lieberman, who fits in with no party, is almost exactly the opposite of one. After all, if you're going to run an intellectual nursery school, you should do a little educating along with playtime, naptime, and snack.

TNR gave you playtime, naptime, and a snack? Is intellectual honesty and personal integrity worth losing such a sweet job?
Blogger joedokes | 12:47 PM

I never got my naptime. However, certain writers on staff enjoy half-hour naps at 2 p.m. and snap at hapless factcheckers who accidentally rouse them.
Blogger spencerackerman | 1:19 PM

Hahahaha. Spencer, you have perfected the art of sardonic dickishness. If they gave an award for such behavior and allowed me to decide the receiver of it, you'd be it. Unfortunatly no such award exists, but I will however continue to dutifully read your blog and laugh at your humorously sarcastic take-downs of former employees. It's like a reality show, but good.
Blogger Eric the Political Hack | 3:40 PM

They don't give that award for a reason...
Blogger DevinCarpenter | 4:12 PM

Perhaps, but I'm a strong proponent of giving awards for such things. In fact if it was up to me, there'd be awards for such things as sleeping and crazy awesome facial hair. But whatever.

And on my comment above I meant typos.
Blogger Eric the Political Hack | 6:06 PM

Damn. I meant colleagues, not employees. Which WAS a typo. I need to get this proofreading thing down.
Blogger Eric the Political Hack | 6:07 PM

There's a whole lot of snark and snap out in blogland, but the fact that you're insulting people you know firsthand gives an extra frisson to the phenomenon.

(Oh, and: "WE ARE! R.U.!" Targum edz 4 life.)
Blogger Zed | 7:39 PM

Zed, when were you on the edit board? I figured it was just me & Sally Goldenberg emerging from TDT to bring the truth to the people.
Blogger spencerackerman | 8:52 AM

Are you serious? Cause apperently he could really use the money.
Blogger Jacob | 12:07 PM

damn can we get a little space between Ackerman and Yglesias please? I mean it's cool to hang out and all but can we get some discrete beefs?
Blogger Wes | 3:14 PM