Wednesday, January 17, 2007
death row, what a brother know:
Meet Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry, soon to be national security adviser in an Obama administration. You don't know who Eikenberry is? No worries, he's just the general in charge of the war in Afghanistan. And look what he's saying, right when Bush is trying to escalate the Iraq war:
American and NATO military commanders in Afghanistan are worried about the resurgent Taliban insurgency and have asked for additional troops, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today, adding that he was “sympathetic” to the request.


Lt. Gen Karl Eikenberry, the top American commander in Afghanistan, told reporters earlier this week that he wanted a 1,200-soldier battalion now midway through a four-month deployment to remain in Afghanistan beyond its planned departure date. Officials would not say how many more American troops General Eikenberry was seeking.
Make no mistake, this is as direct a rebuke to Bush as Eikenberry can make -- publicly requesting more troops for the war Bush pretends to fight, that is in our interest, as opposed to the one Bush wants to fight that isn't. Eikenberry has a wonderful career ahead of him as military attache to Ulaan Batur, before becoming the Richard Clarke of the 2008 presidential cycle.
--Spencer Ackerman