Wednesday, January 17, 2007
never used my rusted gun of milan:

Don't surge without your card, says Max Boot:
This is a classic counterinsurgency approach focused on securing the populace, and it has never really been tried before in the capital. It could work, especially if the surge is long lasting and if it's coupled with other vital steps — such as increasing the number of American advisors in the Iraqi security forces, instituting a biometric identity card to make it easier to detain terrorism suspects and enhancing the capacity of the Iraqi legal system to incarcerate more violent offenders. (Emphasis added.)
A biometric identity card! In next week's column, THFTNR has learned, Boot tells us that the surge will work, provided that the forces are commanded by the Ultimate version of Nick Fury and relieved by the psychic abilities of Phoenix and Professor X. ("And still," he writes, "most liberals would be against the surge.")

OK, here's the thing. Boot can write all this shit, fine. But I want to be judged by the same standard. No hooting and hollering about how I'm building in all these fantastical conditions into my argument to give it surface-level plausibility. If it's good for him, it's good for me. The trouble with liberals these days is that we're just not audacious enough. If the Max Boots of the world are relying on Cylon Centurions to win the Iraq war, and Bill Kristol has developed ESP, then it's time to start arguing that Bush eats babies, right after Cheney has his way with them.
--Spencer Ackerman
Perhaps the objection now is that 21,500 troops won't make much difference. It's true that, according to the new Army-Marine Counterinsurgency Manual, effective operations generally require at least one soldier or police officer per 40 or 50 inhabitants. That would suggest doubling our current force of 132,000 to secure Baghdad and the entire Sunni Triangle (population 13 million). But it would be difficult to find that many soldiers in the overstretched and undersized U.S. armed forces.

I keep wondering if any of these columnists have ever had a shift-work job. 18,000 additional troops can't be more than 9,000 on duty at a time. More plausibly, it will probably start out as 6,000 at a time, then sickness, injuries, casualties, leave, TDY, etc... come into play and it becomes 4,500 at a time. The realistic parts of this plan are a joke.
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