Tuesday, January 16, 2007
they stand by each other, like a brother, like a lion's pride:
The Flophouse endured a frontal assault by the forces of squirrofascism today. We took one casualty. I've told this story something like six times tonight, so read Catherine's account, then Matt's, then this Unfogged comment thread, then Catherine again. The four of us formed an impenetrable phalanx against the squirrel, with Kriston proving his mettle as a strategist, a tactician and indeed a frontline warrior.

Just one thing, and it's not to impugn the wisdom of a squirrel-free household or to suggest that Catherine's misfortune was in vain. It's just that... when he ran out... the squirrel was... cute. He didn't mean any harm. A squirrel is not a rat. It does not become feral, nor does it seek to inflict harm upon humanity. The squirrel was cornered, it was trapped, and so it lashed out. I seek not to apologize for the squirrel's behavior -- merely to understand what motivated it, so that we as a Flophouse can guard against this sort of thing happening again.
--Spencer Ackerman
Spencer, I don't know if you remember me - Basilio Valdehuesa. I used to write for you (really briefly) at The Daily Targum, in the political section - the Filipino guy?

I remember catching you on TV one time a couple of years ago, when I was working at a non-profit and my boss was watching the tube in her office, and *bam* there you were, a talking head for The New Republic. Imagine my surprise! I had been meaning to drop in on you sometime since then, and it's taken me a while - but here I am.

What's going on with you? It seems you've really carved space for yourself in the journalism field. As for me, I just finished doing graduate studies in intl. development. We should catch up sometime; I'm in the New York area, if you're ever around. Shoot me a good one sometime: darkhaired@comcast.net.
Blogger Basilio | 11:14 PM

I thought the squirrel just hated your freedoms?
Blogger Ezra | 5:23 AM

Squirrels are just rats with fuzzy tails. Their central evolutionary achievement is to look "cute" so that humans won't try to exterminate them.
Blogger Robert Farley | 6:47 AM

I think it's time to pull the Project for a New Flophouse Century game plan off the shelf and put it into effect by attacking and occupying a tree down the street.

Explain to your roommates that you need to "fight the squirrels over there so we don't have to fight them here."
Blogger Swopa | 7:03 AM

Swopa's right, Spencer. Your closing sentence reeks of appeasement. The only thing these animals understand is force.
Blogger sbma44 | 8:34 AM

Sounds like more of the same ole squirrel-loving, Blame The Flophouse First story.
Blogger dj moonbat | 12:06 PM

You're objectively pro-squirrel. And if it's necessary to destroy the flophouse in order to save it from the squirrel menace, then so be it.
Blogger Zed | 5:03 PM