Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Gonna fly now:
Yglesias and I are talking about Rocky Balboa. I mention I'm looking forward to seeing it. He remarks, with trademark enthusiastic gesticulation, that he doesn't understand why Rocky "doesn't just die." A fair question, if somewhat beside the filmic point. Myself, I wonder how in good conscience RB's reigning heavyweight champ, Mason "The Line" Dixon, could accept a challenge from a senior citizen.

Then Yglesias goes a step further. "I promise you," he promises, "I could take out any 60-year-old there is." As the owl said: oh, really?

It's not that he's not in fighting shape. Matt's a healthy specimen, 6-foot-1 and 215 pounds. His reach is an impressive 70 inches. But surely there's a 60-year-old out there who wants to test his mettle against a rising champion. Quoth Rocky, "What's wrong with going toe-to-toe against someone and saying, 'I am'?" Nothing at all.

So if you're out there, Silver Lightning, Herring Wonder, Studebaker Insurgent, contact me through this blog. Let's get a card together. I'll put together the event.
--Spencer Ackerman
Shatner is 75. Maybe he'd be up for it. George Foreman is about to turn 58.
Blogger Retief | 5:04 PM

I don't think that a 70" reach is all that for a 6'1 guy...besides, from what I can tell, Spence is totally the scrapper of the house. (see, e.g., skullf*****)
Blogger Pooh | 6:49 PM

Yglesias v. Ditka!

(I also see from Wikipedia that Ditka is also a self-described "ultra, ultra conservative.")
Blogger Delicious | 7:15 PM

Matt has a blazing one-two with his jowls.
Blogger Dick Durata | 9:40 PM

wait now...are you the person yglesias is seeing???
Blogger Razib | 10:47 PM

Yglesias is on crack. Take, for instance, some of the older guys on the powerlifting circuit like Tom Haggenmiller. Competes in the 198 weight class in the age 60-69 age group. Some of his lifts in the last couple years.

Squat 385 (2005)

Bench press 305(2006)

Deadlift 475 (2005)

Blogger Gordon | 1:54 AM

Kenneth Howard Norton is a former world champion heavyweight boxer from Jacksonville, Illinois, USA. Ken Norton is one of the few to beat Muhammed Ali. He was born on August 9, 1943.
Which would make him 63.
Blogger joedokes | 3:12 AM

Interestingly, the many sexa-plus-genarians who could ("could" is conditional in the sense of "obviously will, if they fight," not conditional in the sense of "might, when they fight") kick MY's bloggy ass are probably not former heavyweight champions. Ken Norton is a wreck. You don't get to be a successful boxer without engaging in behavior that causes you to physically deteriorate by the time you're 60. Behavior like, getting hit in the head lots of times.

60+ year old would
Blogger schwa | 11:08 AM