Tuesday, December 05, 2006
although we've only known each other a bit already I can't sleep at night and I feel like shit:
God bless you, David Simon. It's these brilliant inversions of the expectations of middle-class white boy Wire-fans like me that make you a God among lesser beings:
Q: Where are the intact black families in Baltimore? In The Wire, it seems like all the black adults were born drug addicts. [Roland Laird]

A: Bunny Colvin is married, his children in college or older. Miss Anna, though a foster mother, is a proper role model for Randy. Sydnor is married, though we have not spent time in the marriage, his wedding band has been alluded to. Grace Sampson is married and a young mother.

Viable black families exist. But let me flip it on you: Where are The Wire's intact white families?

Not until recently, Jimmy McNulty. He was separated, drunk and philandering.
Not Rawls. He's apparently a closeted homosexual.
Not Carcetti. He's married, but with a wandering eye.
Not Frank Sobotka. His wife -- what we heard about her -- was pilled up and his son was a lost, neglected cause in many ways.

You want a married, normative white male you gotta go to Prez, I suppose.
--Spencer Ackerman
Additionally, for the first two+ seasons the most functional relationships were gay (Kima and Sheryl, Omar and Brandon/Dude Mouzone jacked), while all the straight relationships were fucked, aside from possibly Nicky Sobotka and his baby-mama.
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