Monday, March 31, 2008
bow to me, faithful ye:
FireDogLake brings this Gorilla Guides translation of Sadr's cease-fire statement:
"Based upon our responsibilities under the law [shariah] and for the sparing of Iraki blood and for the protection of the reputability of the Iraqi people, and for their unity both in terms of people and in terms of territory, and in preparation for its independence and liberation from the armies of oppression; and in order to put out the fires of fitna which the occupier and his followers wish to keep burning between Iraki brothers, we call upon the beloved Iraki people to measure up to their responsibility and their consciousness of law in sparing bloodshed and preserving peace in Irak, and its stability and independence.

The following is resolved:

1. Ending armed manifestations in Basra governorate and all the other governates.
2. Ending of attacks and illegal arbitrary detentions. [by GZG]
3. Demand that the government apply the law on general amnesty, and release all prisoners who have not had charges confirmed against them, in particular prisoners belonging to the Sadrist current.
4. We announce that we will repudiate those who carry weapons and target the government and service agencies and institutions, or the offices of political parties.
5. Cooperation with government agencies to bring about security and to charge criminals, according to due process of law.
6. We reassert that the Sadrist movement does not possess heavy weapons.
7. Efforts [meaningful efforts are to be made] for the return to their residential areas of those who were forced out as a result of security incidents.
8. We demand respect for human rights by the government in all of its security activities.
9. Working [meaningful efforts are to be made] towards the realisation of development and service projects in all governates."
This isn't a ceasefire statement, it's a manifesto. Sadr has laid out a position reiterating his overwhelming strength, not just in Shiite communities, but for all Iraq. Look at bullet 7: he's talking about return Sunni displaced persons to Baghdad, where they were ethnically cleansed in 2006-07. (Partially by his own forces!) And the Maliki government is going to meet with Sadr where he is -- in Iran! -- to work it out. Hat in hand, Maliki's government supplicates before Moqtada. The threat of a reignited intifada remains. Could this have gone any better for him?
--Spencer Ackerman
Is none of this good news for the Americans? Did anyone really think Maliki forces could accomplish more?
Blogger Unknown | 10:04 AM

How do you know he meant to include Sunnis? I assumed that line was one of those 'for me but not for thee' deals.
Blogger David Tomlin | 10:45 AM