Friday, March 28, 2008
rush to the front so i can see:
Carrie. We have to have a talk.

Your list of top-ten Replacements lyrics? That speaks to my soul, girl. You used the "Alex Chilton" lyrics about, um, Alex Chilton. The "Jesus rides beside me"? My friend Megan McArdle is known to use that as her IM tagline. What I'm saying is that we're destined to be best friends.

Or at least bandmates. I'm listening to the MP3 of the "Fair Game" appearance where I was on ahead of Fred Armisen from Thunderant. Right before Fred went on, I sent an on-air message that we need to get a band together. But for some reason, "Fair Game" decided to cut that out from the final broadcast. (Lesson: Never agree to pre-taped interviews. It's some bullshit.) I'm announcing: I want to audition to be your next drummer. Holler at me via supportthesurge-at-gmail-dot-com. It can be a side project, whatever.
--Spencer Ackerman
I know I might get sent straight to the ninth circle of glib lamer hell for admitting this, but many of my favorite 'mats lyrics are off of All Shook Down. I do like the yearniness of "Kiss Me on the Bus," tho.
Blogger Michelle | 11:20 AM

You are cast DOWN, Michelle! The correct answer is the obvious one: the stuff from 'Let It Be'!
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 11:28 AM

Red light
Red light
Run it
Blogger rickhavoc | 12:17 PM

Fred Armisen is a drummer though isn't he?
Blogger stress | 9:16 PM

Oh oh oh oh and also (how could I forget): One foot in the door/ the other one in the gutter/ the sweet smell that you adore/ yeah, I think I'd rather smother.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 7:25 AM