Thursday, January 25, 2007
i see you crawling in your garden, subhuman, subhuman:
Jon. You know very, very well Marty, um, isn't really fond of the Arabs. For instance, he likes to flirt with descriptions of Arabs as subhuman. Everyone who works at TNR knows Marty is a racist. Don't make me tell stories. You shouldn't really be contesting this point with Matt. And, if you insist on it, you certainly shouldn't write about how someone else "wants to pretend he doesn't know that's the case."
--Spencer Ackerman
I was just about to leave a comment on your site asking for your view of things in this matter. I was pleased to see you already did it, and in a (very) blunt manner at that.
Blogger DevinCarpenter | 2:38 PM

I really, really, really want Chait to go to the mat (sorry, unavoidable pun) on this one just to see your response, spackerman... yes that marks me as puerile, but I think Peretz is a truly odious semi-public figure who deserves to be revealed as such.
Blogger Pooh | 3:59 PM

Chait keeps talking about "a tiny number of Jews forcing" the US to do something, but that isn't the situation at all.

Cheney *wants* to do it, badly - after all, Iraq is going "enormously well".

It isn't a matter of "forcing". What the "tiny number of Jews" need to do is just grease the skids, which is very different from "forcing" an unwilling participant to do something.

I mean, nobody's saying "the Jews" are forcing Bush and Cheney to embrace Kyoto. THAT would be ridiculous.
Blogger Jon Hendry | 3:12 AM

Oh, and before Marty starts talking about the fate of a Muslim Martin Luther King, maybe he should consider the fate of that Jewish Jesus?
Blogger Jon Hendry | 3:14 AM

(Um, that shouldn't be taken as my trying to imply some kind of *general* or persistent Jewish responsibility for the death of Jesus. Just that he arrived in a Jewish region and the Jewish powers-that-be of the time didn't take kindly to his presence on their turf.)
Blogger Jon Hendry | 3:24 AM

or we could just look at the Martin Luther King we actually had.
Blogger julia | 8:48 AM

Please, please, stories...
Blogger Adrian J. Seath | 9:57 AM

Another vote here for stories. Lots and lots of stories.
Blogger Thomas Kalinowski | 10:47 AM

It can't really be deicide unless you believe in the divinity of Jesus which most sane people don't. But the circumstances underwhich he met his fate are most telling & relevant in the zionist era. Not saying the Peretz anti-semitism baiters won't cry wolf over it, but true nonetheless.
Blogger notfound | 1:19 PM

Okay, okay, forget about Jesus. Like I said I didn't mean anything about any Jews but those who were personally and directly involved (assuming the story is true, anyway). Not the larger population of the Middle East at the time, or any time since. A'ight?

Anyway, the guy what killed him is really God, right? He knew what was going to happen, and He set up his kid to get capped. That's cold.

So. Anyway.

What does Marty think would happen to an Iraqi Yitzhak Rabin?

Hell, an Iraqi Marty Peretz would probably pull the trigger and declare jihad against, um, somebody.
Blogger Jon Hendry | 4:31 PM

"THE BELIEVER: I think it would surprise many of your fans to hear that you’re a death-metal fan.

JOHN DARNIELLE: I hear that a lot, but the thing is, I don’t know why if you make the kind of music I make you would listen to more of that kind of stuff. I know it sounds arrogant to say it, but I know how singer-songwriter stuff goes. I like a lot of singer-songwriters, but at the same time when I listen to them, it sounds like watching my peers work in the workplace. I’d be more interested in going to a factory and seeing people work there because I don’t do that kind of work… I guess there’s a conflict, but I don’t know, I think listening to music and making music are two almost totally discrete activities. Deicide is a band that is single-mindedly focused on hating Christ. Now, a lot of death-metal bands, that’s a part of their ideological arsenal. Deicide is a one-issue candidate; it’s all they’re interested in. And I think they’re charming."

I also vote for stories. Kinky, kinky stories.
Blogger Jesse | 9:21 PM