Monday, November 20, 2006
I know I'm indestructible:
This one is for the Arkhangel, who truly is indestructible. The bastard survives the Iraq war, his wife walking out on him, brain cancer, and most lately a stroke -- only the stroke, it turns out, wasn't a stroke, it was MS. The VA had better fucking pay for his drugs, and his case worker needs to fucking come through for him. We're going to take a trip to Puerto Rico as soon as I come back from my own Iraq trip.

But here's what I need from you guys: MS drugs are expensive, and relying on the VA is not good strategy. If I set up a PayPal account, will you, dear reader, help me raise money for an American hero in need?
--Spencer Ackerman
Blogger Tim Marchman | 8:32 AM

Bring on the button.
Blogger The Flying Dutchman | 5:33 AM