Monday, November 27, 2006
Brotherhood! Is in my head, it's in my thoughts, it's in my soul:
I'm in Brooklyn at the moment -- in a bizarre turn of events, I'll be addressing a terrorism class at the Cooper Union on Wednesday -- but I see that Brad DeLong has decided to send me money, and apparently there's a check awaiting me when I come home. Thank you, Brad! I have to figure out how to repay you. Please don't be shy with suggestions.

Also, I gather that Matt can show me how to put a PayPal donation button on this blog's homepage. As soon as I know, the Arkhangel American Hero MS Relief Fund will be underway. Please give generously.
--Spencer Ackerman
Write lots more good stuff worth reading. Write more "Iraq's." Write some "Bush'd." Write some "McCain'd." Write some "HRC'd."
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