Monday, March 31, 2008
soon as i step up in the club i'mma flirt:
Everyone needs to read the best new blog around, THFTNR friend Kathy G's G-Spot. I'm the first-ever commenter! In addition to writing a ton of great posts right off the blocks, she's got this, which is near and dear to my heart:
On the shortness issue, I just wanted to say that I'm a moderately tall woman, and that, in my experience, the best lovers have been short guys. Specifically, short Jewish guys (yes, I married one, and yes, I'm a shiksa). In fact, the ex of mine who was a total dud in bed was the one guy I ever dated who was really tall.
That, to me, is what we should forever call a G-Spot Orgasm.
--Spencer Ackerman
I'm going to get really meta and comment on your comment on another blog on your blog:

we feel we have a lot to prove and try to act accordingly

Speak for yourself, cousin. I think it's because Jewish guilt is tied to family, whereas Christian guilt is tied to sex (I don't have enough exposure to followers of the Prophet to say what their guilt might be tied up with).

Also, I think we're good in bed because we read a lot.
Blogger Noah Deuce | 3:02 PM

I wasn't too unpleased with that line either... (puffs out chest)
Blogger Rick Perlstein | 8:01 PM