Wednesday, March 12, 2008
she's amazing, her words saved me:
My almost-wildest dreams have come true: I guested on Crappy Hour today! Watch me retract my attack on David Plotz; redouble my attack on Jeffrey Goldberg; shit on Marty Peretz; and, most importantly, ask Jezebel's Moe Tkacik out on a date to the Surge's show on Saturday. I mean, I'm a famous asshole blogger, she's a famous asshole blogger (and is the best part of the best blog on the internet) -- this is something the internet wants to see happen, right? At least until her commenters are like, "You can totally do better." Wish me luck!

Update: Best comment yet!
I just google-image searched Spencer Ackerman and I would totally go listen to his band
Late Update: The Arnold-Sinbad joke? I stole that from Adam Doster. Shamelessly.

Later Update: Erica in comments tipped me off to this J-bel comment:
OK, does Spencer really want Moe to date him? If so, why ask her in such a half assed way? He's asking her the favor of her company- she should not have to get on the Chinatown bus for a ride of, let's be honest, indeterminate length. He, as the asker, should make it convenient for her. It's so simple. Is he setting himself up to fail on purpose? C'mon Spencer, man up! Either pay for her Acela ticket or offer to come to NYC for drinks.
Couple points. First, good point, I should have offered that earlier, and so I have indeed made Moe that offer. Second, we've already had an in-person dinner, as Moe blogged the other day, and there was nothing half-assed about the way I went about that, if I say so myself. I sent her an email with the subject line "I Am Asking You Out On A Date" and it included specific plans that I thought she might enjoy. My goal was to write an anti-Crap Email From A Dude. Finally, I just asked a girl out in full view of the entire internet. Conceding that I should have immediately offered to provide her transportation, what's half-assed about that, exactly? The potential for embarrassment is rather high.
--Spencer Ackerman
I saw that! I was like "hey I know that guy!" I felt like I knew a celebrity. I am quite the avid Jezebel reader (not a commenter though, just a reader - I'd a been like GO FOR IT MOE if I was a commenter). Anyway that was totally awesome, that's what I was getting at.
Blogger Liz Baillie | 10:01 AM

There's an even better comment up now, which says "he looks hot on wikipedia."

I love the internets.
Blogger M. LeBlanc | 11:06 AM

That Wikipedia pic of me is the worst pic of me ever taken.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 11:11 AM

Yes, this might be your highest accomplishment to date. And for the record, I am a Jexebel commenter, and am now actively encouraging Moe to make the trek down to DC...

Hi Liz!
Blogger Erica | 11:11 AM

Spencer, you can't date a girl who hates on Tiswas.
Blogger Gaston | 11:13 AM

Although Spencer, one of the other Jezbel commenters had a good point -- wouldn't the chivalrous thing be to offer to pay for moe's train/bus ticket down to dc...?
Blogger Erica | 11:13 AM

Maybe you should change your nom du blog to Too Hot for Tkacik?
Blogger Michelle | 11:16 AM

Erica, right you are. I just IM'd her that I'll pay for the ticket. I hope that doesn't seem too, well, Spitzerish, though.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 11:57 AM