Tuesday, March 11, 2008
you can't tell nobody, i'm talkin bout nobody:
Ezra, what'd we tell you about talkin' on no phones? HUH?

I'll use the phone for professional purposes. But even that is excruciating. Worst of all are cell phones, since they don't allow you to hear yourself back, so you end up yelling and talking over your interlocutor while the tinny, awful connection breaks up and communication proves impossible. Text, IM and e-mail and that's it. It's gotten to the point where if I get a call from a friend I do not answer my phone.
--Spencer Ackerman
So what's the antonym to Luddite? Just FYI, my take.
Blogger Pierce | 8:14 PM

And here I was thinking I was a freak for never picking up my phone! Unless it's my husband, my best friend, or someone who is probably lost calling, I don't pick up. I even go so far as to email responses to people who leave voicemails. Personally I think my fear of the phone stems from years of phone-answering jobs where I talked to jerks all day until it got to a point where answering a phone just seems like an invitation to get berated by a stranger.
Blogger Liz Baillie | 10:07 AM

One thing living in chicago and riding the El has taught me, is that you can talk quietly on a bad connection and be heard just as well.

And also that people who talk loudly on cellphones need to be fucking shot. Double since they added fucking cell "towers" in the subway tunnels. Motherfuck.
Blogger dbt | 7:40 AM