Friday, March 28, 2008
you don't wanna fuck with them brick city kids:
Baghdad and Basra are in flames. Maliki, having set a three-day deadline for disarming the JAMmies, lets it slide by another week. But worry not: there's a brick factory that's thisclose from matching prewar levels of employment!
FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER, Iraq, March 28, 2008 – Revitalization of the Narhwan Brick Factory Complex has led to an explosion of employment.

Since January, employment numbers at the complex have quadrupled to nearly 15,000 workers, and production is up more than 500 percent.

Army Lt. Col. Mark Sullivan, commander of 1st Battalion, 10th Field Artillery, said the boom resulted from a deal between the Iraqi minister of oil and officials who represent the 167 businesses operating in the complex. Sullivan said the deal allocated enough heavy fuel oil needed to fire up the kilns to bake bricks for the complex to boost production.
Would it have killed them to write a "surge of employment"?
--Spencer Ackerman
Any update on the chicken farmers?
Blogger Ron | 11:17 AM

Maybe my math skills are off but isn't it at 60% employment given the numbers in the release? Though maybe they've adopted less labor intensive methods and the production is back at the prewar levels...
Blogger Matt | 5:22 PM