Monday, March 17, 2008
irish blood english heart:
--Spencer Ackerman
Okay, that's a typically funny post from KSK. But just for a little balance, my buddy Louis was in NYC one year for St. Paddy's Day and this fat guy wearing a Celtic jersey and a green hat comes up to Louis after hearing his British-sounding accent and starts going off in his Bronx accent about how he "hates what you people did to us Irish." At that point Louis loses it, pulls out his Irish passport and starts screaming at the New Yorker: "I'm from Ireland, you dumb %$#@! IRELAND! I was born in %$#@ing Belfast! Where were YOU born?!" I think at that point they were both tossed from the bar. I cheerily pointed out to Louis that being from Belfast, he could have pulled out his British passport as well. I think I got punched for saying that.
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