Friday, February 29, 2008
mariah carey's kinda scary:
OK, so I didn't just listen to Rancid on the Brooklyn drive. I bookended the trip with some WPGC and some Hot 97. And that resulted in me hearing and liking the new Mariah Carey single. It's extremely salacious; Mariah really wants you to touch her. Except it's got this classic Mariahnoia element: she threatens to hunt you down if she sees your tryst on YouTube. And there's this one line where I could swear she says she'll be up in your business "like a Wendy's interview," which made me laugh so hard I nearly clipped this old lady. But she couldn't have really said that, right?

Update: Commenter T Moore offers an alternative explanation. Mariah is referring to a "Wendy interview" -- i.e., an interrogation by radio gossip maven Wendy Williams.
--Spencer Ackerman
i just had a listen. she definitely says, "like a Wendy's interview."
Blogger bend | 1:50 AM

I think it's a "Wendy interview." I would guess it's a reference to Wendy Williams, the gossipy radio personality, not trying to score a fast food job.
Blogger T Moore | 8:56 AM

Oooohhh that makes sense.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 9:59 AM

That does suggest however that "up in your grill like a Wendy interview" would have a great double meaning.
Blogger JoelW | 5:23 PM